• Welcome to «NOVOROSMETALL» Ltd


“NOVOROSMETALL” Ltd is a modern competitive mini-factory engaged in manufacture of high-quality metal products implementing the latest engineering and technological achievements that make us the undeniable leader in our segment.

Electric furnace shop

The main building has electric arc-furnace DSP-50 with the following features:

  • Maximum capacity for melted steel – 50t + 20% (melted residue)
  • Working space – 50 m3
  • Electrode diameter – 508mm
  • 3 multifuel gas-oxygen burners
  • Initial transformer capacity – 45MBA

Fettling of furnace working layer is made of high-quality periclase-carbon materials. «Furnace-ladle» unit is designed for the following operations:

    • Final steel melting (chemical composition and temperature)
    • Steel desulfurization
    • Removal of nonmetallic additives
    • Refinement and microalloying

The unit is fitted out with tank system for storage, weighing and additive of ferroalloys, wire feeding machines for infeed of flux core wire with various additives as well as units for insufflations of powder materials (breeze coke, lime) to metal and for slag.

  • Electrode diameter – 308mm
  • Initial transformer capacity – 13MBA

Ladle facilities

Our ladle facilities include 8 ladles, 4 of them are in operation, and the rest are prepared and dried.

Fettling provides for periclase-carbon and molded refractory. Sliding shutters CS-60 by INTERSTOP Company (Switzerland) are in use.

Staging area for steel ladles is equipped with two fettling heating units (horizontal) and one vertical heating unit.

Industrial ladles of higher capacity are operated for better seriation rates. Maximum seriation made up more than 100 smelts. Industrial ladles are equipped with MNC system by INTERSTOP.

Casting area

The main aisle is fitted out with 4-stream continuous casting machine which ensures casting of square steel stock 100x100m, 125x125mm and 130x130mm, length being 9500-12000mm.