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Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

“NOVOROSMETALL” Ltd Industrial safety policy statement:

The subject of activity of "NOVOROSMETALL" LTD is the collection, processing of scrap, production and sale of commercial cast billets. "NOVOROSMETALL" LTD is a hazardous production facility and is aware of its responsibility for the state of labor protection at the plant and trouble-free operation of technological equipment. In the area of activity of "NOVOROSMETALL" LTD there are the following objects controlled by Rostekhnadzor:

Electric furnace shop А30-01204 -001
classified in hazard class II
Gas consumption system of lime burning shop А30-01204 -003
classified in hazard class III
Gas consumption system of «NOVOROSMETALL» LTD А30-01204-00
classified in hazard class III
Transport sector А30-01204 -004
classified in hazard class IV

Objectives of "NOVOROSMETALL" Ltd in the field of industrial safety:

  • to ensure the safe operation of hazardous production facilities on the basis of the introduction into production of advanced methods of industrial safety management in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 No. 116 FL "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities", Labor protection legislation, Safety rules upon receipt , transportation, use of melts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys based on these melts; Safety Rules for the Operation of Pressure Vessels (SR 03-576-03); Industrial Safety Rules for Hazardous Production Facilities Using Equipment Operating under Excessive Pressure; Rostechnadzor Order dated 12.11.2013 N 533 (as revised on 12.04.2016)

"On the approval of the Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety" Safety rules for hazardous production facilities where lifting structures are used "(Registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice 31.12.2013 N 30992),

General safety rules for metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises and industries, Safety rules for the preparation of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for remelting, Safety rules for the operation of smoke and ventilation industrial pipes, Safety rules for the production and consumption of products air separation, Safety Rules for Gas Consumption and Gas Distribution Systems, Labor Protection Rules for the Operation of Thermal Power Plants and other guidance documents,

  • to ensure the readiness of the services and departments of the company to localize and eliminate the consequences of possible industrial accidents and emergencies of natural and man-made nature,

The main tasks of in-process control.

  • Ensuring compliance with industrial safety requirements during operation, repair, maintenance at the facilities of "NOVOROSMETALL" LTD due to the clear functioning of the three-stage control over the Occupational Safety and Health, including where maintenance is carried out under contracts, for timely and high-quality performance the scope of work, in accordance with the requirement of industrial safety established by the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 No. 116 FL "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" and other regulatory legal acts, as well as regulatory and technical documents and contracts.
  • Analysis of the state of industrial safety, including through the organization of appropriate examinations, the use of the results of the three-stage control, inspections of production and facilities by the regulatory authorities, the labor protection engineer, the results of the fire-technical commission of the company, the results of tests and inspections of devices and equipment, the results of training on the emergency response plan and personnel protection, etc.
  • Development of measures and events aimed at improving the state of industrial safety and preventing damage to the environment.
  • Control over compliance with industrial safety requirements established by federal laws, rules and other legal acts, and regulatory and technical documents, implementation of three-stage control and monitoring by the leading and chief specialists of NOVOROSMETALL LTD, inspection by the fire-technical commission, etc.
  • Coordination of work aimed at preventing accidents at facilities and ensuring preparedness for localizing accidents and eliminating their consequences (hearing the reports of the labor protection engineer, responsible engineers at the meeting of the fire-technical commission "NOVOROSMETALL" Ltd and at meetings (planning meetings) with the head of the organization on industrial safety issues: making changes and additions to work plans and to previously developed measures based on the results of surveys by NOVOROSMETALL Ltd, including by employees of management departments, etc.).
  • Timely carrying out of the necessary tests and technical examinations of technical devices used at the facilities, repair and verification of control measuring instruments, control over the observance of technological discipline (timely make changes to the technological scheme adopted by “NOVOROSMETALL” LTD, draw up acts of commissioning and decommissioning of equipment , etc.).
  • Preparation and timely transmission of information on the organization of production control to the department for supervision of metallurgical production, the department of gas supervision, boiler supervision, supervision of lifting structures and mechanisms of SKU Rostekhnadzor.
  • To comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. 116 FL of July 21, 1997 "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities", other federal laws adopted in accordance with them regulatory legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation, regulatory legal acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety, requirements for justifying the safety of a hazardous production facility.