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Environmental policy

Environmental policy

“NOVOROSMETALL” Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

NOVOROSMETALL Ltd is aware that its own production activities have an impact on the environment and the health of its personnel.

Minimizing the negative impact on natural ecosystems is one of the most important priorities of the plant.

The ecological policy goals of «NOVOROSMETALL» Ltd are the following:

ensuring such a level of safety at which the impact on the environment, personnel and population in the short term as well as in the long term will preserve natural ecosystems;
preservation of a favorable environment, biological diversity and natural resources to meet the needs of present and future generations; realization of the right of every employee to a healthy environment;
compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts on environmental protection;
Formation of a stable motivational mechanism of safe behavior in production among employees, development of skills to anticipate and prevent the occurrence of incidents in production.

Strategic directions for the implementation of the Environmental Policy:

To improve the environmental management system and environmental safety;
To raise the level of environmental education and environmental culture of the company's employees;
To develope and implement the new environmentally friendly waste gas treatment technologies that provide an effective solution to issues of sustainable development, environmental protection and environmental safety.

Priority activities:

  • development and implementation of new environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies, devices and equipment in the field of equipment repair in an electric steel-making shop;
  • implementation of environmental protection measures envisaged by the state program of the Russian Federation "Environmental Protection" for 2012-2020;
  • introducing of international standards in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety in the organization and support of promising scientific directions in the field of safe use of atomic energy.

«NOVOROSMETALL» Ltd is declaring: The plant will set and solve specific tasks in the field of development, improvement and effective functioning of the environmental management system, as well as scientifically substantiated assessment of the achieved effect from the implemented measures in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety.

The obligations of "NOVOROSMETALL" Ltd apply to all production activities and are included in the system of business relations with all partners.

Leadership and staff of “NOVOROSMETALL” Ltd take responsibility for implementing the above environmental policy.